The Swiss St. Bernards Club was founded on 15 March 1884 as an association according to the Swiss Civil Code and represents the St. Bernard dog breed with SKG pedigree.
On 2 June 1887, the St. Bernard dog was officially recognised as a Swiss dog breed and the binding breed standard was accepted. Since then, the St. Bernard has been considered our Swiss national dog.

According to the statutes, the Swiss St. Bernards Club represents all St. Bernards with SKG pedigree and has the purpose of bringing more and more joy to the members and owners as well as to the public worldwide and to recognise our dogs as creatures in partnership with the right to be kept in a manner appropriate to their species and to treat them accordingly.

In order to fulfil the purpose of the statutes, the pure breeding of the St. Bernard breed in its short and long haired form shall be bred in Switzerland according to the international standard deposited with the FCI. The keeping and spreading of the St. Bernard breed in Switzerland shall be promoted through information, instruction and training events.

What is a Saint Bernard?

The name of the St. Bernard goes back to the hospice on the Great St. Bernard, which was founded around 1050. There, dogs were used to support the monks.
The dog breed became famous with Barry, the avalanche dog, who is said to have saved the lives of several dozen people. Today, the St. Bernard is rarely trained as an avalanche dog; it is now a domestic dog.  

The St. Bernard has a friendly, affectionate nature. He is intelligent, good-natured, reliable and also usually unproblematic in dealing with children.
Many St. Bernards are even very fond of children.

His temperament is rather calm, but he can also become lively and playful in old age. A certain stubbornness is more common. St. Bernards are alert and have a certain protective instinct.  

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Klubsiegerschau Österreich
Sa 17.06.2023 (ganztägig)
Sa 24.06.2023 -
So 25.06.2023
Uebungsgruppe Schöftland
So 02.07.2023 09:30 - 13:00
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Weitere Einträge

Wedding - Birthday - corporate event - school project - pageant

The National Dog - the Saint Bernard - is a natural talent and not just a little rascal.
With a Saint Bernard you have the best way to optimally present yourself.
Be it at a lecture at school or at another occasion, to introduce children to dogs or the Saint Bernard.
The dogs love to pull sleds in the winter when it snows, or in the summer a little cart, maybe at a wedding, for a short distance. 

Also to cheer up birthdays, to form a guard of honor at weddings, attending exhibitions and parades, or at a family gathering to take a hike with the St Bernard's - on such occasions the Saint Bernard is a welcome guest.

To get more information, please contact us. barry@barryswiss.ch



If you are interested in St. Bernard puppies, please contact the mentioned kennels.