In the end of the 19th century, the modern breed of Saint Bernard dog began.
Already in 1883 the first Swiss breeding standard was established. After the Swiss Canine Stud Book (SHSB) opened in February 1884, the very first entries were made, they were all St. Bernard's.

At the international congress of cynology on the 2nd of June 1887 the official recognition of the St. Bernard dog as a Swiss breed and the breed standard was immediately adopted as binding. Since then he is regarded as the Swiss national dog.

The breeding in the early years according to Swiss standard resulted in significantly smaller and lighter dogs as today. They were used at that time as rescue dogs.
There are two hair varieties, namely called the short hair or stick hair and longhair.

Both varieties are of considerable size and of impressive general appearance. They have a balanced, powerful, sturdy, muscular body with impressive head and an alert facial expression.

Breeding males longhair

Gismo v. Liebegg
Dasty du Grand St. Bernard
Aron vom Heiligen Wächter
Hutch (Hector) du Grand St. Bernard
Igor Frederik vom King
Akiro von hinter dem Mond links
Gondo au Moulin de Tallans
Gandy au Moulin de Tallans
Sukur di Casa Munno

Breeding males shorthair

Attila du Grand St. Bernard
Cronos du Grand St. Bernard
Zoomorf’s Logan
Zeus du Grand St.Bernard
Gin v. Liebegg
Zasko du Grand St. Bernard
Casimir du Grand St.Bernard
Carlo do Ferrador
Aros vom Rhoneblut
Arley Rhoneblut
Apollon de l’Orée des Montagnes
Eron au Moulin de Tallans

Weitere Einträge

Breeding stations

Les Piédanlo
La Maison du Chanet
Au Moulin de Tallans
Vom King
Von Liebegg
Von der grossen Pfote
Du Grand Blettay
Vom Ebersol
Du Grand-Saint-Bernard
Vom Zweiachen
Della Torre di Redde
Vom Bruderloch
De l'Orée des Montagnes

List of veterans 

Ascia Du Montagnes Du Jura (18.8.2011)
Igor Frederik vom King (26.2.2014)
Zasko du Grand St. Bernard (19.12.2010)
Giulietta Alpina (1.10.2006)
Goodbody’s Xanadou (04.09.2011)
Hera au Moulin de Tallans (12.2.2012)
Honey au Moulin de Tallans (12.2.2012)
Aros vom Rhoneblut (4.2.2013)
Bonita vom Holderstock (23.11.2013)
Eik v. Liebegg (23.02.2014)
Eco von Liebegg (23.02.2014)
Elba von Liebegg (23.02.2014)
Elio von Liebegg (23.02.2014)
Esta von Liebegg (23.02.2014)

Documents and forms  

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